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Two Things to You Must Know When Picking a Photographer

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had real family photos taken. I’ve heard this countless times, and I’ve even said it myself! So if you don’t have a go-to photographer, the search typically starts on social media, and I’m sure you’ve seen the posts;

Hey, looking for a family photographer, who knows one?

This is followed by a plethora of responses, ranging from someone’s cousin that just got a camera for Christmas to full fledged studio photographers and everything in between!

D&B Forever Photography - Greenville Photographer for Family, Senior, Wedding, Headshot, Lifestyle, Portraits, Event photography
Actual Facebook post asking for a photogapher

The old saying “You get what you pay for” is true for most anything, especially when it comes to choosing your photographer. Sure, you might stumble across a blooming photographer that is working on building a portfolio and can deliver gorgeous photographs to you, but that’s the exception to the rule. Last time you purchased something you wanted to last, say a lawnmower. Did you buy the cheapest mower you could find on Craigslist, or did you research mowers (a little more than you want to admit) and end up purchasing a mower that checked the boxes of most or all your requirements?

I’ve done both. I’ve gone the cheap route, purchased because of the price tag. Sure, sometimes that works out, but two things usually happened. 1) I ended up having to purchase the item again because the cheap one broke, or just didn’t fit the bill, or 2) I didn’t value it, because it was cheap.

When it comes to photography, you should do two things when picking a photographer: 1) Value the art and memories that they will create for you, and 2) trust the photographer.


When I was a kid, I begged my dad to let me learn how to Fence. He told me that if I purchased the equipment, then I could. I mowed neighbors yards, raked leaves, and did other chores to earn the money I needed to get the foil (sword) and helmet. When it came in, I treasured them – I even still have them! I took care of them my entire life, because I valued them.

Photographs are something that we don’t always think of as treasures, that is, until they are. Photographs captures the memory, and most importantly the emotion of those moments. I remember looking through photos of when my kids were little, and in my head I replay those moments. Same when my Dad passed away in March of 2017 – I poured over photos of him, wishing I had more, but grateful for the ones I did have. I still enjoy going down memory lane, photo after photo, letting the emotion of those days from yesteryear flood through my mind.

D&B Forever Photography - Greenville Photographer for Family, Senior, Wedding, Headshot, Lifestyle, Portraits, Event photography
This dear sweet woman passed away two months and 10 days after this photo was taken.

When we were contacted to photograph a family last year, we were told that the patriarch of the family was slowly losing the battle to cancer. They wanted to us to capture a specific moment in time for their sweet family, knowing, dreading what was to come. I remember feeling a huge weight of responsibility that day. That day was not about anything else but ensuring that what this family envisioned became a reality. I remember working on the post-processing and editing after the photo session, making sure that every single photograph that was to be delivered was perfect – worthy of the emotions that are carried in them.

Picking a photographer isn’t easy. Finding a photographer that is willing to listen to you, take your vision and craft the artwork that you imagined it would be is, well, priceless. Priceless. The comment section on social media is not full of priceless. Conversely, it’s full of who can do it the cheapest.


Trust is hard to come by in the modern world! What makes you trust someone? Usually a proven track record! So what things should you trust a photographer with?

D&B Forever Photography - Greenville Photographer for Family, Senior, Wedding, Headshot, Lifestyle, Portraits, Event photography
Trust is key when it comes to choosing a photographer

We touched on this in in the Value section; a photographer should listen to your story, vision and perspective, then translate them into amazing and beautiful works of art. The photographer should be experienced in not just creating art, but skillful. Photographers should be excited to create for you! Ever had a photographer tell you “Oh, just one more photo over here” – One more never means one more! ?

Lastly, trust should eliminate your worry, your stress or anxiety. For instance, a bride should not even have to think about a shot list, or who needs to be in the next photo. The photographer should have all the details covered, so the day can be enjoyed. From helping pick locations or wardrobe, to sitting down with you after the photoshoot to discuss how to bring the photographs to life in print products, it’s the photographers place to make your entire photography experience something you’ll want to do again, and often.

Your senior, your engagement, your wedding, your children, your senior, your job, your life – your VALUES – what photographer will you entrust these with?

Creating forever moments for a lifetime of treasuring

D&B Forever Photography is grounded in these two values. We believe that every single person that asks us to take a photograph knows that we value them, and in turn, we are trusted to create those forever moments for a lifetime of treasuring.

We’d love to listen to what you have to say, so hit us up – let’s chat, maybe even grab coffee and talk about what you value most.

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