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Tank has a bright future ahead of him playing baseball!  We had fun with him and his mother downtown, getting to know more about them while taking photos walking beside the Reedy River.  Congratulations Tank, and good luck at college!

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Byrd Family

These love Byrds had not had a photo session in quite a while, so when then they heard we had mini session openings, they were not going to let this deal fly away!  They sure do know how to have fun, and there is nothing but love in this precious family! ❤

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D&B Forever Photography Greenville SC Photographer you can trust to create meaningful works of art from what you value most. Let us be the historians of your story.

W. Coker

This guy is so awesome! He loves baseball, and everything he does!  It’s so fun to watch sports at this age, seeing these kids grow and mature.  We also shot a video for his parents so they could enjoy watching, and we did the work of recording for them.

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Hudson Family

It was 24 degrees before the sun came up at 6:00 AM.  We all huddled under blankets, jumped out for a photo, diving back under the little bit of warmth and body heat we had!  But WOW. It was worth it!  We welcomed the sunrise, embracing the little bit of warmth this frigid winter morning was offering. 

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