Hi! welcome to D&B Forever Photography!  Dan & Bonnie Burgess love taking pictures, and more importantly, love the memories that go along with them!  We want to share in your memories, and help you make affordable, long lasting memories through photography.


Hi!  We’re Dan & Bonnie Burgess, and we love photography!  What we love more is looking back at great memories captured in pictures.  D&B Forever Photography was inspired by this, and we want to share in your memory making.

We want taking pictures with D&B Forever Photography to be simple. No crazy pricing charts, no outrageous fees. just straight forward pricing, and a quality product.  For $75.00* your family, couple or individual will get about one hour photo session at any location you wish (if it’s more than 25 miles from Greenville there is a travel fee depending on location).  If time goes over an hour, no problem!  If it gets closer to two hours, it’s the price of another session –  basicly, it’s $75 / hour session, so a 2 hour session is $150 and so on.

* Note: If paying with card, a 3% charge
be added to cover PayPal fees.

Need a wedding photographer?  Contact us and we can discuss pricing.

Some locations we use for photo sessions charge a usage fee.  This is not covered in the session fee, and would be your responsibility to pay for.  So if a location charges $20, a session fee would be $95. ($75 session + $20 location charge)

The pictures taken will be processed, and the digital images will be provided to you, with a print release:  Each image has a light watermark of the D&B Forever Photography logo in one of the corners.  The watermark must remain on the image, not cropped out.  The image is not allowed to be altered in any way.  No filters, no cropping.  Please see our Copyright information for all the details.  All images are still copyrighted by D&B Forever Photography. If you wish to purchase the photos taken during a session, please contact us.

We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone, for any reason.  All photo sessions will be rated “G” (no nudity, boudoir, lingerie, etc.)   When booking a session, you agree to these terms.